PETA Wants Turkey To Change Its Name

PETA Wants Turkey To Change Its Name – PETA wants the town of Turkey, Texas, to change its name to “Tofurkey” for just one day, on Thanksgiving. The animal rights activist group is going after the entire town.

In a letter to the town’s mayor the group writes:

“If you agree to adopt this moniker for just one day, we’d be happy to provide a delicious, healthy vegan holiday feast for all the town’s residents.”

In their letter the team at PETA says Tofurky is:

“A savory, flavorful, ‘meaty’ vegan entrée with wild-rice and bread-crumb stuffing that is 100% cruelty-free.”

In responding to PETA locals seemed less than impress: “I think it’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” one resident said.

With that type of general reaction it shouldn’t come as a surprise that city officials are rumored to have turned down the request.

If Turkey city officials would have said yes other side dishes they would have been enjoying would have included “mashed potatoes (made with vegan margarine)” and “vegan apple pie topped with vanilla dairy-free ice cream.” PETA has some great recipes.

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