​Pikesville Kiss: Middle School Teen Arrested By Police After Making Dare With Girl Student In Maryland County

Author: John LesterBy:
Staff Reporter
Sep. 14, 2015

A Pikesville kiss has landed a 13-year-old boy in jail with charges of second-degrees assault against a Pikesville 14-year-old girl on a dare. The Maryland assault happened at a Middle School on Friday as police were called to the scene, according to WJLA.

Pikesville school officials took a report regarding a 13-year-old boy who kissed a 14-year-old girl during school hours. The unwanted kiss was allegedly the result of a dare made by students.

Police confirm that the teen is now facing a second-degree assault charge as a juvenile. No one was injured during the incident, police say, and disciplinary actions related to suspension or expulsion will be handled by the school system.

Pikesville kiss lands teen in jail over dare

The Pikesville kiss incident could be subject to more punishment by the school at a future date, about whether the boy should be suspended or expelled. This is not the first such extreme reaction to a mere kiss. In 2013, a six-year-old Colorado child was charged with “sexual harassment” for kissing a girl on the hand.

It’s of course true that every 14-year-old has the right not to be kissed. Most people aren’t saying the boy’s transgression should go unpunished.

But what they are saying is this: he should not be charged with assault. He’s 13.

And when the consequences of their actions are as minor as this, it’s better to reprimand them in a manner that does not involve the criminal justice system. By all means, give this kid detention.

Make him apologize to the girl. Tell his parents to teach him better manners.

But don’t charge him with assault. That would be a far greater crime than a stolen kiss.

Some residents feel the charge is a little harsh.

“I don’t know if an unwanted kiss is a second-degree assault of a person,” said Cyndy Davis, a Pikesville resident. “If it is, that’s what they should have charged him with. But I don’t think the charges were really necessary.”

Another Pikesville resident said he sees a possible solution.

“I would let the parents get together and discuss it, you know, rather than getting the police involved. Let the school handle it first and then if the parents want to press charges, then there’s nothing else that can be done.”

The boy was released to his mother. He could also face disciplinary action from school administrators because of the kiss.

The Pikesville story has gone viral on social media, with some people questioning whether criminal charges are appropriate in this case.

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