Police Pursuit Ends With Car Lands On Sleeping Man “What Happened?”

Police pursuit ends with car on man who was sleeping. He didn’t know what hit him.

A police pursuit ends early Tuesday morning in Connecticut with the suspect’s car crashing into an apartment and landing on a sleeping man.

Police in the town of Hamden, CT. where trying to make a stop of a man in a BMW, for multiple motor vehicle violations, but the man would not stop leading police on a chase to New Haven, CT.

Police say after several attempts to stop the vehicle, the driver finally lost control of the car and it crashed in to the bottom floor of an apartment building, before the suspect fled on foot.

In the apartment the BMW crashed threw laid, 34-year-old Michael Sweat, who was fast a sleep, only to be awoken to find a car on top of him. After rescue workers freed Sweat an hour later, he was transported to the hospital where he was treated for second and third degree burn injuries on the lower half of his body.

Sweat is expected to make a full recovery as his injuries were determined to not be life threatening.

Now New Haven police along with the state police are still in search of the driver who was able to get away. While a building inspector is accessing the apartment building to see if it is still structurally sound.

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