Queen Elizabeth’s Previously Used Panties Sell For $18k

It seems eBay can sell anything, including Queen Elizabeth’s previously used panties, after a mystery buyer snatched them for $18k. The undergarments were left on a private plane in Chile and are from the estate of the late “Baron” Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi.

But after a cyber auction consisting of 18 total bids, one buyer emerged victorious. So far, his identity has not been revealed.

There, it is claimed, they were picked up by the pilot and given to his friend, Hungarian-born Dobronyi.

After the latter died in 2010, it is said his family discovered the garment and are now auctioning it on internet site eBay.

The knickers, listed as an “item that has been previously used”, are advertised as being in good condition, despite some yellowing with age.

They have four small pearl-like buttons and a monogram of the Royal crown, along with two flowers on a stem with leaves, and are hemmed with crocheted lace.

The undergarment, which has a 26 inch waist and is 16 inches long, is advertised on the website as a “once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire and own a piece of collectable Royal memorabilia.”

“Since Buckingham Palace or the garment maker have not confirm or deny the authenticity that this pair of underpants are from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the estate cannot confirm its provenance and it is the buyer’s responsibility to do that on their own before bidding,” the listing stated.

“In either case this is an excellent example of a vintage undergarment of that era and very collectable,” it added.

Hungarian-born Dobronyi is an aristocrat, art collector, traveller and Playboy. He made a $15,000 emerald and diamond peacock brooch, which Prince Carl Bernadotte of Sweden presented to Princess Elizabeth upon her engagement to Prince Phillip.

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