Radioactive Man Gets Pulled Over After Setting Off Detector

A Stratford, Connecticut firefighter was pulled over by police last week for being considered a radioactive man, after he set off a detector in a state patrol car, but no one knew that he had just been to the doctor’s office where he had a special procedure done.

The procedure checked his high blood-pressure readings. The stress test requires a small amount of radioactive material to be injected into the blood stream to track the flow of blood from, too, and through the heart. Though it was a small amount of radioactive material, he was warned to stay at least 10 feet from his baby at home for at least 24 hours as a precaution.

Apatow was actually on his way to work at the fire department after the procedure, when he happened to drive by a state police cruiser as he was getting on to the highway and set off the detector.

“They’re very sensitive,” stated Lt. J. Paul Vance, the State Police spokesman.

When the officer told Apatow why he stopped him, he showed him a note from the doctor about his recent test. “I had no idea the police even had devices like that,” he said. “I imagined it being like a cartoon — like I’m driving down the street and my car was glowing,” Apatow said.

Not many know about the radiation detectors in some police cruisers, but it is meant to detect possible terrorist activity.

“It’s definitely known that this happens, and we do let patients know that there is a chance that they could be picked up,” Dr. Gilead Lancaster The director of non-invasive cardiology at Bridgeport Hospital said.

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