Rattlesnakes Close Gustine High School In Central California

Rattlesnakes Close High School – Rattlesnakes caused a big problem for Gustine High School. Officials in Central California recently had to close it to keep students off campus.

Five of the venomous snakes were spotted on campus in less than three weeks.

Gustine High School in Merced County closed its doors for two days on Wednesday over concerns about student safety. Rattlesnakes are venomous, and their bites can be fatal.

District Superintendent Gail McWilliams tells the Merced Sun-Star that the source of the infestation is not known. Police speculate that someone may have left a pregnant rattlesnake on the grounds.

All of the rattlesnakes that have been spotted are thought to be babies because they were less than a foot long. They were all killed.

An animal control agency has been called in to search for more snakes while the high school is closed.

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