Reindeer Protest On Meat In Can Sells Out

A can of deer meat leads to a protest that actually helped the merchant. An animal rights activist in the UK marched and held signs about the special holiday food. It all started when Harvey Nichols was being scrutinized by the Vegetarians International Voice for Animals.

However, it seems that the protest itself provided enough advertising and public relations to sell all the cans of the reindeer meat they had in stock. The way this thing turned around was unbelievable.

The groups website had been asking supporters to “politely complain” to the store. They claimed the process of harvesting the meat from the “farm-raised relative of Rudolph,” is traumatic to the animals.

Harvey Nichols released a statement saying they made to stock store with the reindeer pate “because of its growing popularity.” They also stated the meat used comes from farm raised stock in “Sweden and complies with the EU legislation.”

An according to a company spokeswomen, you can no longer find the reindeer meat on store shelves. However it is not due to them caving in to the activists, but because of the publicity it received from them, it sold out.

A 6.7 ounce can of the reindeer meat would run you about $23 dollars, if you were interested in trying to order some for next year’s holiday.

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