Roach In McDonalds Hash Brown Goes Viral

A man going by the user name LinkBoyJT claims that he found a fried roach in his McDonalds hash brown and posted a picture of the half eaten breakfast food complete with the crushed bug, which went viral on the Internet.

LinkBoyJT added a caption with his photo that read, “I was eating a hash brown from McDonald’s on the way home when I felt something on the bottom…”

On Wednesday night, he posted a second message to describe what happened when he brought the hash brown with the roach in it back to show a manager at the McDonald’s and didn’t quite get the reaction he expected.

“I took the thing and showed it to the manager, and she marked my receipt, so I could get the same meal for free the next time I come in for breakfast. She didn’t really seem all that concerned,” he writes.

Some commenting on LinkBoyJT’s post believe it’s a scam, and that he actually crushed the bug himself into the hash brown and was trying to receive some financial gain from it.

While others told their own fast food nightmare stories from places, they ate and found something wrong, to people who worked at other fast-food restaurants and warned against eating there for particular reasons.

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