Robin Robinson, On-Air Reporter, Says Santa Clause Doesn’t Exist

Robin Robinson Santa Clause – Robin Robinson, a news anchor for FOX Chicago, was forced to apologize afar saying Santa Claus does not exist while she was live on the air.

During a 9pm news broadcast, the anchor said that as soon as children are toddlers, they should learn that parents give presents, not Santa.

“There’s no Santa,” she said after a segment about how Santas in malls deflect expensive gift requests from young children.

“Santa is a symbol of the generosity of the season. You go sit on his lap and we’ll take a picture,” she stated. “But he’s not coming down the chimney, he’s not eating those cookies, he’s not bringing you anything.”

In an attempt to save the situation, “Hey, Ebenezer, what’s with you?” Her co-anchor Bob Sirott interrupted. “Next week, you come up to the office and I’ll show you the Polar Express. Don’t stop believing.”

Robinson, who is a mother, was forced to apologize the next day after the station inundated with calls, emails and online comments from enraged viewers.

We all know that Santa exists, especially we who report the news. Yes, we have interviewed him and have taken rides on the Polar Express many times. Kids, be good and respect your parents, because a naughty list does exist.