Runaway Famous Cow Found After Escaping Slaughter

A cow named Yvonne escaped slaughter after being a runaway from her farm in Germany for more than three months.

After fleeing her farm, Yvonne almost collided with a police vehicle. After that incident, authorities gave permission for the cow to be killed since she posed a safety threat to traffic. However, Yvonne had eluded the shooters for 3 months.

Then the Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary, which now owns the errant bovine, said Thursday that a farmer had called to say the cow had shown up on her farm in the Muehldorf area, near the Austrian border.

One of the sanctuary’s employees confirmed Yvonne’s identity with the help of her ear tag. Previously, the district authority of Muhldorf am Inn in Upper Bavaria says it had revoked a permit to shoot the famous cow. They did so to give wildlife activists a chance to try to find Yvonne, tranquilize her and take her to an animal sanctuary.

It was believed the runaway was hiding somewhere in the Bavarian Forest. However, the six-year-old cow “apparently got tired of the loneliness,” the local council in Muehldorf said in a statement, adding that she had jumped over a fence to join her fellow bovines. Her owners were on their way to pick her up.