School Bus Driver Outs Santa Claus, Jesus Christ

A school bus driver tells an 8-year-old girl that Santa Claus is a lie and doesn’t believe that Jesus Christ has anything to do with it. First Magnet, the bus company in Columbus, Connecticut, has moved the driver to a different route. The girl’s father, Louis Seeley, complained to the school and the company after his daughter repeated what the driver said.

The man told the girl that “he believes he should not lie to his kids about who puts the presents under the tree,” Seeley said. “He also said that he doesn’t believe that Jesus was born on Dec. 25.”

Seeley’s daughter approached her dad a few days later with questions about Santa, he said.

“The next morning, my wife went out to the bus driver and told him not to speak to kids about Christmas,” Seeley said. “He said ‘OK.'”

The bus company said they were far from apologetic.

“We have no reason to believe that conversation took place as initially reported,” Jen Biddinger of First Student said.

Biddinger said the student had overheard a conversation between the driver and another student. She wouldn’t identify the driver, calling it a personnel matter.

“Obviously, we take all incidents very seriously,” she said.

The bus company spoke with the driver and with the board of education, she said.

“The driver indicated that he was having a conversation with another student regarding his focus on other elements, other than gift-giving,” during the holidays, Biddinger said. “He was saying ‘It’s much more than gift-giving.'”