Seattle Woman ‘Marries’ 100-Year-Old Building To Save It

Seattle Woman ‘Marries’ Building To Save It

In an attempt to save an old warehouse building in Seattle, Washington a woman takes a vow and ‘marries’ it.

The building that is located on Capitol Hill, is reported to be 107-years-old and had been scheduled for demolition so that an apartment building can be built in it’s place.

A woman named, Babylonia Aivaz, said she fell in love with the building during the ‘Occupy Seattle’ protest’s and wanted to save it. So this past Sunday along with some witnesses a special ceremony was performed where Aivaz, who was in a white wedding gown, said “I Do’ to the building, while holding a cardboard sign that read “Stop Gentrification”

Gentrification is when wealthier people start buying up properties in poorer neighborhoods and make improvements to attract a richer class, which in turn increases average incomes and costs that starts resulting in the displacement of the original poorer residents that can not afford to live their anymore.

“I hope that America wakes up and realizes that gentrification is a serous issue that affects poor people, especially people of color, and we really need to stand up and do something about what’s happening in our neighborhoods all over the country,” she said.

Aivaz says of the extreme measure she took to try save the building, “When I look at this building I see a community center, I see a community art space, i see a homeless shelter, I see free childcare, I don’t see a building, I see a space that can address all the needs of our neighborhood.”

Demolition of the building has already began.

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