Senior Citizens Dance To Target Flash Mob

Senior Citizen Flash Mob – These senior citizens planned a flash mob to ‘Last Christmas Glee’ that included dancing at a local Target store.This should be what Christmas is all about. More people would probably shop if it was this fun.

It is something that no one was expecting inside Target, but they pulled out their cameras and are glad they witnessed it.

The flash mob took the store down at a Target in Lawrence, Kansas, where they know how to spread the holiday cheer.

Spectators stopped to enjoy the exhilarating holiday dance routine and one elder man even joined the lead singer in a lip-syncing duet, while the rest of the group danced around them, further spreading the Christmas spirit.

It was hard to tell which citizens were involved in planning and which people had joined in at the end of the performance.

This flash mob performance was quite refreshing and a great reminder of what life is all about. It shows how senior’s just want to have fun. The performance was recorded and we hope you enjoy it – the link to the video is shown below.

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