Stolen Sperm Lawsuit: Man Claims ‘Fertility Clinic’ Helped Ex

Stolen Sperm Lawsuit – A Texas man, Joe Pressil, claims his girlfriend, Katy Freeway, stole his sperm, and has filed a lawsuit against the fertility clinic that helped get her pregnant.

Pressil, 36, said he found out about the plan when he got a receipt from Advanced Fertility listing him as the patient, reports KPRC-TV Houston.

Pressil was surprised when Freeway, 30, got pregnant three months after they broke up. He said she always claimed she couldn’t have children due to a medical condition.

“That’s a violation of myself, to what I believe in, to my religion, and just to my manhood,” he told the channel.

Freeway gave birth to twins and sued him for child support, which he had to pay when blood tests confirmed he was the father.

He said his now-ex would always insist on discarding their condoms after sex.

The lawyer for Advanced Fertility and Omni-Med Laboratories said proper procedures were followed.

“We do know that we do have his blood work, we do know that his insurance was billed for it, and we do know that his credit card was used to pay for [some of] the visits,” Danny Sheena told KPRC.