Strange Funeral Customs In The World

These are some strange and weird funeral customs in the world. We have a list on how other cultures handle their funerals. Some of these are really bizarre, so we had to warn you first.

The Hanging Coffins of Bo – Go no further than Southwest China where a few hundred ancient coffins dangle precariously on the side of a cliff. The coffins were placed there by the Bo people – an extinct ethnicity of China who apparently preferred their dead as auspiciously displayed as possible. Not content to simply place their deceased in the ground like sane people, the Bo hammered wooden stakes as a funeral custom onto the sides of mountains and lowered the single-piece coffins down on ropes.

Sati – Grief can take some unusual turns. Some people hit the bottle, some require years of therapy, and some jump into a funeral pyre in an attempt to become a deity. Sati, an ancient (albeit rare) Hindu practice, consists of a recent widow burning herself alive in immolation during her husband’s funeral.

Sky Burial – Leave it to the people of Tibet to recognize the vulture’s utility as their primary funeral custom. The traditional sky burial consists of cutting a person’s body in “strategic” places (euphemism for “likely to attract wildlife”) and placing the loved one on top of a mountain or temple. Then they wait for the magic to happen.

Space Burial – For those of us who really hate the world and everything it represents, there’s always a space burial. The practice is still in its infancy, with only one company providing services and as few as 250 people taking part of their remains being shot into orbit by a fiery rocket. The more famous participants of strange space funeral include Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek creator), Carl Sagan and Timothy Leary.