Strip Club Builds Next To Convent Of Nuns Who Care For Elder Sisters

A strip club plans to build their establishment next to a convent of nuns where they take care of the sick and elderly sisters.

The Chicago covenant of nuns are upset over this fact that a multi-million dollar strip club is being built right next door to them without their knowledge.

The sisters at the Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo, say they weren’t even told of what the building was really being built for until after it was completed, saying that they were told that it was going to be a restaurant during its construction.

Sister Marissonia Daltoe said to, “officially we received the news it is a gentleman’s cabaret.”

She added, “We are religious. We espouse certain beliefs. As Catholic religious we take vows, and we have something like this totally opposite going on. It’s not safe.”

The club called “Get It” cost it owner, Bob Itzkow, $3 million. Itzkow doesn’t like to refer to his club as a strip joint, but rather a classier, “cabaret with nudity,” and is also a top shelf restaurant.

“It’s entertainment for mature audiences,” Mr Itzkow said. “We’ve taken great care to make sure we don’t disturb our neighbors. It’s a privilege to be here.” Referencing the fact that the building has been sound proofed and the lighting has been designed to not bother its surrounding neighbors.

The towns zoning officials voted against the business twice because of its proximity to the convent. However, Itzkow filed a suit saying that current zoning laws allowed him to build there, a judge eventually sided with him.

An attorney for the village of Stone Park said the nuns were notified by certified mail of the application for the strip club, which they deny ever getting saying it was sent to the wrong address.

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