Sundance Horror Movie Causes Seizure And Vomiting

Sundance Film Festival is running an advanced screening of a horror movie that causes seizures and vomiting for viewers.

The advanced screening of ‘V/H/S’ did not end well for a couple who ran out early but now a lot of people are calling it a marketing scheme.

During the horror thriller at Sundance, a man made his way into the lobby where he fainted and began convulsing from a seizure. When an ambulance arrived, they also checked on the man’s girlfriend who began vomiting.

According to the film’s producer, Roxanne Benjamin, who was in the theater, the situation was scary and everyone was glad that the man, and his girlfriend were alright. After the couple received treatment, they actually went back into the Sundance theater and finished watching the horror film.

In addition, to the seizure and vomiting at the Sundance movie, the previous night another woman left the viewing early in tears due to the tension in the movie that got to be too much for her.

‘V/H/S’ is about a group of odd kids who are hired to burglarize a deserted house and find an unusual VHS tape. Upon viewing the tape, they realize that they discovered way more than any of them had bargained for.

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