Surfer and Great White Shark In Seaside, Oregon

A surfer says that he stood on a great white shark in Seaside, Oregon, after catching a wave. He explained: “And the fin coming out of the water. It was just like the movies.” Doug Niblack at first thought he had hit a rock.

When Niblack looked down, he saw dorsal fin, and soon realized he was standing on top of his worst nightmare as it began to thrash. “It was pretty terrifying just seeing the shape emerge out of nothing and just being under me,” he said. “I’m just screaming bloody murder. I’m just yelling, ‘Shark!’ I thought for sure I was gone.”

Niblack said he jumped into the water and swam for shore as fast as he could. A nearby off-duty Coast Guard officer, Jake Marks witnessed the event. Marks said he didn’t clearly see the shark but noticed that Nibleck just suddenly stood up with water swirling around him. He then saw a large shape swimming off between them just beneath the surface.

“I have no reason to doubt there was a shark out there,” said Marks. “With the damage to his board, the way he was yelling and trembling afterwards, there is no other explanation for that.”

Nibleck says he believes he was on the shark for about four seconds before it swam away pulling his board with it. “There was a moment there when everything was going on, I just kind of made my peace,” he added. “I honestly thought I was going to die. Then paddling back in, I was praying the whole time. Like, ‘Don’t let it be following me.'”

When asked if he would go back out in the waters to surf again he replied, “I’ll definitely go back out. It’s just the surf sucks right now,” he said. “I’ll wait ’til that gets better, then go back out.”