​Suspect Attacked By Alligator After Eluding Police

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Aug. 8, 2014

A suspect who left his vehicle to elude capture by officers during a traffic stop in Florida was attacked by an alligator and then arrested.

Pinellas County sheriff’s deputies said Bryan Zuniga, 20, fled on foot during a traffic stop Thursday in Pinellas Park and was able to avoid deputies.

However, Zuniga was arrested a few hours later when he visited a hospital to receive treatment for alligator bites to his face, arm and armpit area.

Zuniga said he was attacked by the alligator near a water treatment plant in St. Petersburg, a few miles away from where he fled from deputies.

“He stated he was watching fish jump when he fell in and was attacked by an alligator,” a St. Petersburg police officer wrote in a report.

Zuniga was arrested on charges including driving without a license and fleeing police.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Officer said they’ve opened up an incident report on the case. The officer says anytime a gator attacks a human, it has to be caught and euthanized.

Wildlife officials said they have to wait for the suspect to show them exactly where the attack took place before they go gator hunting.

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