Toms River Tap Water Green

Residents in Toms River, New Jersey have become concerned after noticing that the water coming from their taps is green. Local officials even say that the water is safe to drink, but most people aren’t taking their chances.

One resident, Ed Lefevere said he noticed the green color about two weeks ago when filling his pool and realized something didn’t look right. Lefevere explained that he tried clearing the water up by using chemicals thinking it was just dirty, but nothing worked.

A neighbor then also noticed their water was not looking right, which caused Lefevere to call The American Water company that was responsible for the residential supply.

Lefevere and his neighbor were informed by a water company spokesman that tests showed high levels of iron in the water which caused it to turn the green color, but assured them it was still safe.

One official, Richard Barnes told NBC, “You would have to drink six gallons of water to equal what’s in one multivitamin.”

The water “meets the standards established by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the USEPA,” a spokesperson from New Jersey American Water told CBS.

But Lefevere says he still has concerns no matter what they say. “I’m not convinced what they’re saying is the gospel truth,” he told CBS. “It’s frightening to see this color water.”

American Water says they will continue to monitor the situation and work to flush pipes, which should help to reduce the amount of iron in the water. They also noted that it is hard to maintain the iron levels in the water without a treatment facility that the company has been working with the city of Toms River for two years to get built, but has been denied the zoning permits thus far.

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