Trooper Taser Electrifies Darth Vader Mask

Trooper Taser Darth Vader – An apparently drunken man in Orlando, Florida wearing a Darth Vader mask was hit with a taser and pepper spray by a state trooper after becoming violent with him early Thursday morning.

Allegedly, 38-year-old Michael Cole was asked to leave a construction site in the area and was later confronted by a police officer when he decided to lay down in the middle of the road. He began cursing and kicking at the officer when he tried to remove him from the roadway as Cole wore the intimidating Darth Vader mask.

Cole then took a swing at the state trooper and was hit with the taser but due to a heavy jacket he was wearing, it didn’t have the desired effect so the trooper had to resort to the pepper spray in order to get Cole to cooperate.

However, the wanna-be Darth Vader had to be hospitalized after claiming shortness of breath due to the officers actions. Even as he was tied down to the ambulance stretcher he struggled to get away.

Sgt Kim Montes, a FHP spokesman said the officer was uninjured and Cole faces felony charges for resisting arrest and battery on a police officer.

In related Star Wars funny business, last month a man was arrested at a Toys R Us after assaulting several customers with a toy light saber and tried to attack officers with it.

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