Twerking Near 600-Volts On Subway Tracks

Twerking video shows two women risking life and limb on subway tracks, but it’s not clear what station the duo chose to stage their daring dance. Twerking seems to be a new dance sensation since Miley Cyrus performed it.

The women are seen giggling while in path of thundering trains and inches from a 600-volt rail. The three routes run 24 hours a day and trains are as often as every five minutes. Police are investigating the video, in which a male friend can be heard laughing as the tattooed pair in black sweatshirts plead: “No face! No face!”

The twerking clip, which only runs about 6 seconds, has been viewed more than 50,000 times in the day since it was uploaded to YouTube, prompting outrage on the video sharing site.

Several users said the pair should “win a Darwin award” for their supposed attempt to eliminate themselves from the gene pool. Others complained they were not very good at tweaking.

The rump-shaking craze has exploded since pop star Miley Cyrus performed the energetic dance with Robin Thicke at the VMA awards earlier this year.

Videos have flooded the internet of twerkers performing in some curious places, including libraries, car bonnets, church and even – in one case – on the grave of the performer’s grandmother.

The video has been passed to the NYPD, who are investigating. One viewer on Youtube suggested it could also have been shot at Fordham Road station in the Bronx. It is on the D line, which also runs all night with trains as often as every six minutes.

It comes after high-profile deaths involving the lethal live rail on New York’s subway over the summer.

Matthew Zeno, 30, drunkenly urinated on the 600-volt rail in Brooklyn and was killed by the current passing through the stream. A friend who tried to help him was also injured.
Another man was fatally electrocuted two weeks later when he dropped his cellphone on the tracks in Greenwich Village and jumped down to find it.

In February, New York recorded nine subway injuries – three of which were fatal – over just six days.

The third rail is used to power trains and usually carries a standard 625 volts.

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