Twins From TV Found Dead Together In Home

Twins Found Dead – Joan and Patricia Miller, who were twin singers and entertainers on a 1950’s show, were found dead together in their Lake Tahoe home last week at the age of 73.

Now a mystery surrounds the twins described to be very reserved about their lives.

On February 25th, a social worker had gone to the sister’s home to deliver a welfare check but got no answer. Deputies were later called out to check on the well-being of the two women. When they entered the home, they found the body of one twin in her bed while the other body was on the floor in a hallway.

The death of the two women has yet to be determined, but the investigators are ruling out foul play. Also adding to the mystery is the fact that they cannot find any relatives to notify of the Miller’s death’s.

“In their last decades, the sisters were recluses, isolated in their Lake Tahoe home,” sheriff’s officials said. “It’s likely they were dead for several weeks before their bodies were found.”

“I never heard of anyone else being in either of their lives,” Betty Mitchell, a social worker who helped Patricia on occasion, told the Associated Press. “They were inseparable and really identical…. They kept things to themselves.”

The investigator’s searched through photo’s in the home to try to identify a relative to notify but have had no luck. They did discover looking through the photo’s, a picture of the girls when they were young sitting on the lap of Bing Crosby, and also learned that they were entertainers in the 50’s, appearing regularly on a show called “The Hoffman Hayride.” They also entertained troops at military camps.

With publicizing the case detectives are hoping someone will come forward with information of any living family members.

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