Utah Man Smashes Lamborghini $380,000 He Won

Utah Man Lamborghini – A Utah man smashes his $380,000 Lamborghini Murcielago that he won after what he describes is his definition of a joy ride. David Dopp totaled the 2008 LP640 roadster after winning it from a local convenience store. He only had the sports car for 6 hours before he crashed.

Dopp and some friends took the vehicle out for a spin when they hit a patch of black ice. It was a very expensive joy ride, but no one was hurt, and it was a free car.

In the outskirts of Sataquin, they were attempting to make a turn at 40 to 50 mph, which made the Lamborghini spin out of control and into a fence post.

The good news is that the vehicle can be saved because the damage happened to its fender, which is a part that he has to order. He will be paying thousands of dollars in repairs because it is a Lamborghini.

Prior to the accident, the Utah man received six months of insurance for $3,500. Now, the vehicle is headed to Las Vegas for repairs, which put him back $1,000 for the down payment.

The car insurance is likely to increase; however, that will not affect the Utah man and his Lamborghini. Dopp plans to sell the $380,000 vehicle he won and will buy his wife a new car. He wants to use the rest of the money to pay off some outstanding bills.

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