Utah Teen Burglar Caught After Leaving Homework

Police in Utah quickly solve their case and apprehend a teen boy for burglarizing the home of an elderly couple after it was found that he left his homework behind at the scene of the crime.

Prior to the homework discovery, a 75-year-old man and his wife called police when they awoke Saturday night to someone burglarizing their Orem, Utah home. He explains that he got up to investigate, he found the teen rifling through his desk.

The boy then hit the man and fled on foot.

When police searched the home for any evidence, they found a backpack in the backyard that did not belong to the couple.

In the backpack was a USB drive that when plugged into a computer showed the studies belonging to the 18-year-old Dallas Naljahih.

When officers later arrived at Dallas’s home, he was found sleeping in his room along with evidence linking him to the crime.

The story is similar to one late last year when an upstate New York 12-year-old was caught after he left his math homework behind with his name on it, after breaking into an auction house, to steal video games.

Local police were also able to track their suspect down and found the stolen items in his bedroom.

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