Vegas Bus To Drive Strip Offering Cure Hangover IV

The Las Vegas strip may be getting a hangover cure in the form of an IV bus. This recent concept called “Hangover Heaven” was created by board certified anesthesiologist Jason Burke.

He has created this FDA approved IV procedure which he claims can cure 90 percent of hangovers within approximately 45 minutes.

Burke plans to travel along the Vegas strip on a bus and administer his creation, which is said to include vitamins, medications and amino acids.

”No matter what you drank the night before, if you are feeling like you want to curl up and die the next morning, Hangover Heaven can get you back to feeling good in about 45 minutes,” according to his website.

The white and blue “Hangover Heaven” features six bunk beds and two lounges and will begin circling the strip on April 14 or patients can call for the bus to pick them up, the bus’ location is located on their website.

”Once on the bus, our physician will take a brief medical history, and assess your hangover severity score. Then, medicine is applied to your skin and a small IV will then be placed.”

For the starting price of $90 patients can be hangover free; however, they may experience an adverse mild heartburn 8 to 10 hours following the IV being administered.

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