Falls Church Tree House Causes Stir In Virginia

A Falls Church, Virginia, tree house is causing quite a stir with county officials, which has everything to do with the front yard that’s fueled much debate in this small town.

Mark Grapin built the fort for his two young boys. The problem is that Grapin built it in the family’s front yard without getting permission from the country. Officials say that it violates county rules and that Grapin did not obtain a permit.

Grapin says he didn’t know about that rule until after he built it. He spent nearly $2,000 trying to make it legal. His sons helped him build the treehouse.

Grapin said that he called Fairfax County before starting to find out the rules for the Broyhill Park neighborhood in the Falls Church area of the county. “The guy in building permits laughed me off the phone,” Grapin says. He was told it’s a treehouse and not built to any code.

So Grapin went on with the building of the treehouse. When complete none of his immediate neighbors had any complaints. However, someone living in the neighborhood did complain to the county.

The Grapins were able to make their case for not bringing down the treehouse at aboard hearing. Even so, the board voted against the family keeping the treehouse.

The family is making an appeal and has a new hearing on November 30th.