Weird School Bans List

Weird School Bans – This is a list of some weird school bans that might surprise you. Most of the rules are made to protect their students. However, some of the weird school bans are just plain weird.

The most recent bizarre one occurred at Baltic High School in South Dakota, and the culprit is a bracelet meant to raise breast cancer awareness that says “I [heart] Boobies.” While many parents are fine with the cheeky campaign for a good cause, principals at schools other than just Baltic High have deemed them inappropriate for class.

Another one of those weird school bans happened at Missouri’s Smith Cotton High School when the band designed these “evolution of brass” T-shirts. They had no idea they would cause such a stir. Several parents demanded the shirts, which seem to support Darwinism, be elminated because of their religious beliefs. The education district complied and bought all the shirts from students for $700 to keep them out.

An elementary school in Scotland banned Father’s Day cards out of respect for children without fathers. However, Mother’s Day celebrations are A-OK. In fact, children are allowed to bring their mothers to school near the special day.

Shocking news from the UK: children were looking up inappropriate words in the dictionary. So now if kids look at the “wrong” parts of an anatomy book, should we remove those from the library as well? This is red alert for the school system!