Werewolf Sangli Sisters Want Marriage, Cure

The Sangli sisters, that live in the small village of Pune in India have been inflicted with a rare disorder known as the “werewolf syndrome,” and hope to come up with money to fund a treatment to overcome it, so they may get married someday.

The “werewolf syndrome,” is an inherited disorder that affects only 1 in a billion people worldwide, were they have thick growing hair all over their body and face.

Even though the odds are 1 in a billion the three Sangli sisters, 23-year-old Savita, 18-year-old Monisha, and 16-year-old Savitri, have all inherited the syndrome from their father, who passed away in 2007. The three are in a continuous battle, using medical creams, to help try to control the hair growth. They have two other sisters that have not inherited the problem.

However they are now trying to raise the money to receive a type of laser surgery that can cure them of the constant hair growth, so that they may someday fulfill their dreams of getting married.

Now Sneh Gupta, a filmmaker, wants to shoot a documentary on the girls in order to help them raise the money for the surgery they want. The surgery would cost each girl 350,000 rupees or almost $7,400 American each.

The girls mother Anita, said she was forced into an arranged marriage with the girls father when she was 12, and never got to see him before their wedding day, to see he had been inflicted with the syndrome. Even still she did not have much of a choice, since her parents had passed away and she was being cared for by her aunt and uncle, they told her if she did not carry through with the marriage, they would kill her.

Savita says without the surgery, “Marriage is not an option for us, it’s not likely to happen, who is going to marry us when hair keeps growing on our faces.”

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