Wisconsin Man Says Ghost Beat Wife For Financial Issues

A Wisconsin man was arrested for domestic violence but he told police that a ghost beat his wife over financial problems and that he had nothing to do with it.

A police report posted by thesmokinggun.com shows that the incident occurred on January 15th, when police arrested Michael West who allegedly beat his wife, Rebecca.

According to the report when officer’s responded to the domestic disturbance call they arrived to find Rebecca, “crying very hard and was bleeding out of her nose”

Rebecca told police, after an argument over financial issues, Michael struck her several times in the face, when she tried to call police he would slap the phone out of her hands, and then strangled her till she blacked out.

When Michael gave his side of the story to police, he told them at first there was nothing going on between himself and his wife and that she received the injuries to her face, from falling several times. When questioned about marks on for throat, he told the police that, “A ghost did it.”

West then became belligerent towards police according to the report, and resisted arrest. West was charged with battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. Bail was set for Michael at $1,000 and as of last Friday had still been in custody.

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