Woman Gives Birth To Baby In Toilet And ‘Flushes’ – China Zhaoyang

Emergency services in China were called after a pregnant woman gave birth in a public toilet, but then lost the baby when it was accidentally flushed away. Rescue workers had to rip out the toilet and crack waste pipes to find the tiny newborn.

According to witnesses, the woman went into the toilet in Zhaoyang District, Beijing and asked her husband to wait outside.

A pregnant woman in China gave birth to a baby while squatting a public toilet and then accidentally flushed the newborn away.

36-year-old Cai Qulin went into labor nine days ahead of her due date on Saturday, and was on the way to the hospital with her husband when she urgently needed to use the bathroom, according to China News Center.

But as she hovered over the public toilet, the baby was unexpectedly delivered and flushed down by waste water.

Qulin’s frantic husband called emergency numbers, and rescue workers quickly arrived on the scene. The team of firefighters dug out urinal but at first could not locate the baby. They continued to rip out more of the tiled flooring and finally located the infant fifteen minutes later.

“The rescuers could see the baby and hear her crying sometimes in the pit,” said an e-mail reply from the Chaoyang district fire brigade to China Daily. “They broke the nearby pits by hand so they could reach the girl without endangering her.”

The baby was taken to the hospital and amazingly, is in good condition. She is set to be released soon.

The birth accident could have been the result of physical defects to the mother’s cervix, said Chen Fenglin, president of Beijing Antai Maternity Hospital. It’s also possible that she may have mistaken her labor pains for the urge to pass a stool.

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