Woman Burned In New York City Elevator

NYPD believe that an apparently disgruntled ex-boyfriend of a 64-year-old woman, in New York, is to blame for the death of a women burned to death in an elevator.

The masked man soaked her with a flammable liquid while in an elevator set her on fire and burned her to death. Delores Gillespie, was returning to her Brooklyn apartment building when the incident happened..

Police say the man was caught on two building security camera’s waiting for the elevator doors to open, then spaying Gillespie with the flammable liquid then lighting what appeared to be a molotov cocktail and tossing it into the elevator.

New York City police spokesman Paul Browne said the suspect knew she was on the elevator. Browne said he’s been handling a lot of cases for many years, but he’s never seen anything like this.

Investigators are still searching for the suspect, and are checking local hospital’s since it also appeared the man was also burned on the face and hands himself before escaping.

“I’m in shock,’ said neighbour Chris Martinez. “We didn’t know she had any enemies.”

Another neighbor said she could hear high-pitched yelling and that the elevator sounded as if it was boiling paint. The neighbors could see flames in the elevator shaft.

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