Woman Drives Car In Pool

Woman Car In Pool – An elderly woman in Texas accidentally drives her car into a swimming pool… and the whole thing is caught on camera! It happened early Tuesday morning at a senior living residence in Austin, Texas.

The blue Neon ended up in the swimming pool after 86-year-old Mary Lee Fine had intended to go shopping. Fine said, “I should have gone up and called a cab to go to the store or whatever.”

The crash was recorded on surveillance video. The video shows the blue sedan smashing though a metal fence as it drives into the pool, splashing water along the way.

After driving into the pool the water started coming into the vehicle. Fine said she was thinking, “Oh hell I’m going to drown, OK.”

It all started she says because she was parked too close to another car. To get in, the woman had climbed through the passenger side. While climbing into the drivers seat she said she thinks hit the gear shift into reverse and turned the key on. That sent her into another vehicle and then, out of reverse, her little blue neon dashed forward into the pool.

Two things saved Mrs. Fine’s life. One of these chairs was knocked into the pool. The back end of the vehicle sat on it, keeping the car from completely sinking. That bought just enough time for an amazing rescue.”

Fine said, ” I couldn’t get out, nothing would work on the windows or anything.”

It’s at that moment when the camera catches the images of a neighbor and a woman care-giver out for a morning walk. A Mr. Martinez, is seen calmly walking around the fence. He removes his valuables… casually takes off his shoes… and then wades into the pool to get Fine out of the vehicle.

Fine walked back to her apartment with family and friends promising her next trip to the store will have no detours and will be in a cab.

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