Woman Lost Bike In 1970, Wife Finds It 42 Years Later

A Wellfleet, Mass. woman and her wife finds the lost 1970 bike she last saw 42 years ago when it tumbled off a bridge and went down a muddy stream, believing it was gone forever, located on the banks of the shoreline.

Little did she predict that she would reunite with her lost bike — by the now-grown woman’s own wife.

Lisa Brown tells the Cape Cod Times she was 11 when she lost control while riding over the Herring River in 1970 and fell in. She came up “smelling like a snapping turtle” but could not locate her bike in the muddy depths.

Brown’s wife, Deirdre Olinger, was walking along the stream this spring when she spotted a rusted bike tangled in the undergrowth about a quarter-mile from the bridge.

Brown, tipped off by the banana seat, knew immediately it was hers. She describes the discovery like “finding a long lost friend.”

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