​Woman Nabbed In Oslo With 42-Inch TV Under Skirt Dubbed Thunder Thighs

Author: Jennifer HongBy:
Staff Reporter
May. 22, 2014

A woman was nabbed in Oslo with a 42-inch TV under her skirt after walking out of a shopping center, and a local radio station has given her the nickname Thunder Thighs.

Police arrested the woman, who was accompanied by her boyfriend, after she hobbled to the exit from a Norwegian store. The woman was able to carry the widescreen television between her thighs to a nearby bus stop. However, a suspicious store employee had already called police and arrested her on the bus.

“It is not unusual that thieves put bits and bobs under their skirts of large sweaters,” an Oslo police department spokesman said. “We wondered at first if this was impossible but then we tried it at the station with female officers. It is hard - but not impossible.”

Several blogs are talking about the incident, which happened last Thursday, from people in Norway claiming betting their girlfriends and spouses to copy the stunt. There have been no copycat thefts reported.

The woman, nicknamed “Thunder Thighs” by one Norwegian radio station, is 31-years-old and is still in custody being questioned about other possible thefts in the region.

Oslo police reported that the incident was all in a day’s work.

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