Woman Offers Sexual Favors For Nuggets – Arrested On Prostitution Suspicion

A Los Angeles woman was arrested Wednesday evening on suspicion of prostitution after offering customers waiting at a McDonald’s drive-thru window sexual favors for chicken nuggets.

While the man was in his car waiting for his food, Khadijah Baseer appeared out of no where and opened his door, she then asked him for chicken nuggets in exchange for sex.

Baseer was also seen opening other customer’s car doors while they were going through the drive thru. Police say that the man declined the offer, reported the incident and Baseer was later arrested for suspicion of prostitution.

Prostitution is often referred to as histories oldest profession and in ancient history a prostitute was often brought in to live in the the same home that a mans wife did and had the same rights as the wife.

Before 1910 prostitution was widely legal in the U.S., by 1915 however, most states had made it illegal. And in the 1980?s due to the HIV disease, penalties involving known HIV positive prostitution was increased.

Prostitution is still legal in some parts of the world including the U.S. and considered a profession.

In 2009 an Oklahoma City women was arrested prostitution in where she accepted a case of Frito Lay chip’s in exchange for sexual favors.

The women was fined $1,142 for the crime.

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