Woman Stabbed Man Using Seashell, Biting Ear

A Port St. Lucie, Florida woman went psychotic last Tuesday after she stabbed a man with a seashell while biting his ear during a domestic dispute incident. The 40-year-old woman used a seashell with a large point on it to injury the shoulder of her victim.

Patricia Wehr was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon at her home. Police found her male companion suffering from a bite mark on his ear and scratches to his face. He also had 4 wounds to his shoulder,

According to a police report, Wehr was stressed due to the fact she had an upcoming court date to face a separate battery charge and was about to lose her job as a dental assistant. So her and the 41-year-old male victim decided to go out for drinks to relieve the stress. However, an argument began as soon as they got home and that led to the stabbing and bite mark.

The man claims that he tried to get away from Wehr when she started to go ballistic and went and sat on a couch in a separate room to call 911 when she stabbed him with the shell.

Wehr claimed she was just trying to get the man to leave her house after he refused.

She remains in the county jail with no bond.

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