World Leader Pockets Pen (Stolen?) Watch Video

World Leader Pockets Pen. Vaclav Klaus is going viral after he pockets a pen at a news conference in Chile. A video shows the World Leader quietly slipping a ceremonial pen into his pocket as Chilean President Sebastian Pinera praises the Czech leader’s visit last week.

Czech television broadcasted the video, and then a copy showed up on YouTube with the headline “President of Czech Republic steals pen.” The video has red circles, arrows and a crime scene soundtrack. It’s had more than 100,000 views and counting.

Klaus spokesman Radim Ochvat said Tuesday that it was “a common pen with a logo of the state or office, which presidents and members of their delegation receive during state visits.” Actually, the pens are encrusted with semi-precious Chilean lapiz lazuili stones, but Pinera spokeswoman Constanza Cea said the president’s guests are free to take them.

Klaus is the second President of the Czech Republic (since 2003, reelected 2008) and a former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic (1992–1997). An economist, he is co-founder of the Civic Democratic Party which is the Czech Republic’s largest center-right political party. Klaus is a euro sceptic, but he reluctantly endorsed the Lisbon treaty as president of his country. He has been called “the Margaret Thatcher of Central Europe”.