Yuri Ticuic – The Angry Husband Who Gets Lost In Woods

After having an argument with his wife, Yuri Ticuic storms out of the house angry and began walking the nearest path that would take him far into the woods, and he definitely has a lot to say about being lost and all alone.

“No matter what happens, that’s the last time I criticize my wife’s cooking,” Yuri told reporters. “Anything is better than hay grain,” he added.

Ticuic only survived by the grace of God, eating nothing but berries, leaves and hay, according to reports.

“I walked and walked but after a few hours I didn’t have any idea where I was, and I couldn’t find my way back,” he said. “I thought I was going to die. The temperatures were sub-zero and I was getting really weak.”

When farmers found him, Ticuic was suffering from frostbite and dehydration. He may have to have both legs amputated as a result of the cold.

“They are severely damaged from frostbite, and it may not be possible to save them,” a hospital spokesman told the Daily Mail.

For over one month Ticuic was left by himself, “and then one day I heard voices and saw some farm workers,” he said. “I called them and they managed to get me to hospital.”

This would not be the first time a couple has had problems in the kitchen. In 2011, Nahal Said, from Egypt, asked the court for a divorce from her husband Mohammed after she claimed his cooking skills were better than hers. As newKerala.com reported, Nahal was upset when her sons requested that their father cook the family suppers from now on.

Mohammed defended himself, saying that cooking came natural, as he worked as a chef for a hotel in Cairo. There has been no word on whether the divorce was granted; officials were delaying the divorce in order to give the couple more time to work things out.

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