Al Gore Affair Denied

Al Gore affair reports are everywhere, but there’s only so much to believe. There was a rumor that Al Gore was having a gay affair with another man. Then suddenly, there’s a report that Al Gore has been dating Laurie David, who was married to comedian Larry David.

“Al Gore is incredibly funny and brilliant and charming. He’s like the professor you wished you had in college,” Laurie David said in a 2006 statement. However, this doesn’t mean she had an affair with Al Gore. David has denied a tabloid report that she and the former vice president had been seeing each other for two years.

In addition, friends of Al Gore have been coming forward and also deny the claims. It’s almost as if when a couple announces that their marriage is over, the tabloids and the “rumor blogs” begin to write stories about alleged incidents. Somehow, there’s always got to be someone else in their life that caused the separation.

Gore, 62, announced that his marriage with Tipper is over after 40 years of marriage. As far as Gore being gay, the rumor first surfaced because he supports gay marriage. Well, there are a lot of people that support gay marriage, that doesn’t mean they are gay.