Ashley Judd Mocked For Trying To Defeat Mitch McConnell

Ashley Judd is now within range of defeating Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, even though she’s been mocked for being a Democrat and “Obama follower” by many people in the state.

One question seems to be repeated from an ad that’s become a preemptive campaign strike: Did Ashley Judd think running for Senate in Kentucky would be a pleasant experience? If so, that’s an illusion that’s now probably been dispelled.

Karl Rove’s American Crossroads “super PAC” has just released a brutal ad that torches Judd, who’s considering a Bluegrass State bid to unseat Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell. It’ll be interesting to see if the spot helps scare her off — or if it lights her competitive fires and draws a response in kind.

The ad starts with a fake trailer listing production information. Its “client” is listed as “Ashley Judd, really?” The “title” is “Vote for me, you hillbillies.” The “date” is posted as, “Whenever Obama tells her to run.”

Then an image flashes on screen of flags, sun streaming through a country porch, and so forth, and the fun really starts. “You know what this country really needs? An independent voice … for Obama,” says the narrator.

An inset image of Judd voicing support for the president appears, over a caption that says, “Obama=brilliant.”

Then the voice continues its mock-serious tone, calling Judd “a leader who knows how to follow,” and “someone who will never forget where she came from.”

That last line is followed by a clip of Judd saying, “and it just clicked: Tennessee is home.”

The ad continues from there, mentioning that Judd’s own grandmother has called her a “Hollywood liberal,” highlighting her support for Obama’s health-care reforms (“Obamacare has done so much right for us here in Tennessee,” she says in a clip), replaying clips of her saying “hillbilly” and “radical” several times, and so on.

Judd is definitely under attack from her share of non-supporters, but whether you’re Republican or Democratic, you really gotta give her credit for trying.

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