Bachmann Heckled By Gay Robot In Iowa City

Bachmann Gay Robot – Michele Bachmann was heckled by a gay robot in Iowa City at the Hamburg Inn where she was speaking. It was a tough day for the campaign as the Republican presidential hopeful was taunted all through her speech by a piece of aluminum preaching on homosexuality. The android was given the same freedoms we share, the freedom of speech, but he can’t vote.

These are crazy times for politics, and yesterday was one of those times. There was one point when Bachmann stumbled because of the noise and many people actually felt bad for her as a candidate trying to deliver her important issues to a merciless crowd of bullies. This was no precious day leading up to Christmas as she was called a “demon” by the artificial gay android.

This is the final year for the presidential candidates, to go on the road and sell their ideas, and you can bet that the trail for Michele and others is going to be brutal here forward.

The Democrats haven’t started yet, but I assume their day of being heckled by the crowds is coming. There is uncertainty if Bachmann can win Iowa, but she didn’t have to endure a robot on one of her final speeches. This doesn’t seem right when it was her stage in the first place.

Bachmann is from Iowa, so she has a lot of support in the state, but she isn’t making any gains, if you want to believe the poll numbers. There have been many cases when presidential candidates, Democrat or Republican, had low poll numbers until the actual vote. New Hampshire put Bill Clinton back in the race as he was already making plans to drop out.

Seriously, if Michele Bachmann has a gay robot to fight, it’s ironic when it can’t even cast a vote in the first place.

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