Bachmann In Iowa Despite Low Turnout

Bachmann Iowa – Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn, made a campaign stop at the Black Bear Diner in Sioux City, Iowa on Friday to rally support before the Jan. 3 caucus, but it’s been a low turnout, with only a handful of people waiting for her at the restaurant.

The Republican presidential candidate was accompanied by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, the district’s congressman and her close friend in Washington.

“You actually get your own private presidential candidate and member of Congress,” Bachmann told one voter, before sitting with the woman for several minutes over coffee.

In the back of the room, near a wall decorated with several yard signs, a small area between tables had been cleared for a microphone stand, which stood unused. 

The tiny crowd — which, at its height, numbered around 15 people — included two members of the restaurant’s wait staff, and three construction workers on their lunch break.

“We’re just eating lunch, working in the area,” said Jim Olson, a worker from Marcus.  He wore a campaign sticker an advance man had given him, and told NBC he planned to support Bachmann in the caucus.

Earlier Friday, at the Black Bear Diner in Sioux City, a similar scene played out, where staff and about 50 patrons were caught off guard during breakfast when Bachmann dropped by, moving table to table and signing autographs.

The scenes were a striking departure from Bachmann’s events during her 11-day bus tour of Iowa’s 99 counties. That tour, which concluded Thursday, wound its way through several rural counties, and drew crowds of about 100 supporters and curious voters.

Speaking to reporters outside the Crossroads Restaurant here in Early, Bachmann said, of the low turnout, “This was something that was spontaneous, where we just dropped in.”

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