Bill Johnson Sperm Donation Scandal – 3 Women Pregnant

Bill Johnson -Bill Johnson, who ran for Alabama governor in 2009, is making international headlines amid sperm donation scandal.

The New Zealand Herald is reporting that the Alabama politician impregnated 3 women through sperm donation while overseas much to the shock of his wife who remained in the United States. The newspaper reported that he has been in that country during 2011 for earthquake relief and used an online persona to meet women who wanted assistance getting pregnant.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Johnson discussed donating sperm to nine women, three of whom are now pregnant.

The news came as a shock to Johnson’s wife who remained in the United States. Johnson campaigned on a conservative platform during his run for Governor of Alabama. 

There are questions raised on how much information the women might have had about Johnson.

The Director of Alabama Fertility Specialists, Dr. Michael Steinkampf, says here in the United States the process of donating sperm is typically anonymous and handled by a sperm bank, but not always.

“In this country most sperm donations are anonymous, the samples are obtained from a sperm bank, one of a number of sperm banks around the country and there is no mandated record keeping to so that people can find out if they’re related to another. That does exist in some other countries,” said Dr. Michael Steinkampf.

“My understanding is that there is at least one voluntary database for the children of egg or sperm donors/donation in this country, but there’s nothing mandated. Anonymous is anonymous, just that,” he added.

The FDA regulates sperm banks which typically freeze samples for six months then retest the donors to reduce the possibility of spreading disease, according to Steinkampf.