Callista Gingrich’s Hair Resembles Angry Birds

Callista Gingrich’s hair is is the focus this week in politics and no, it’s not a a character from Angry Birds, and t’s not painted on her head, it’s just complicated to figure out.

So, no matter what it looks like, Callista Gingrich has some really special hair that needs a special column this week as we talk about the elections. I mean, we could talk about how poor the economy is, or that Obama’s old car has a price tag of $1 million, or the fact that no country is doing anything about the Iranian nuclear threats.

It’s a special head that “is platinum blond and very stiff, with one remarkable lock styled into an immobile, upward swoosh,” as Ariel Levy puts it in The New Yorker.

And as Reid Fleming, the world’s toughest milkman used to say, she gets her hair cut that way. On purpose!

But then some of the journalists that work at NewsOXY believe that her head looks like one of the characters from game Angry Birds.

It’s kinda complicated — and we thought it was just hair — but it comes down to this: $400 and the Andre Chreky salon in Washington, D.C. “The New Yorker,” offers the Inquisitr, “says she gets it down at the Sugar House in Virginia.”

Doing the math for us, the Inquisitr says it comes out to about three grand a year to maintain that Angry Birds look.

We could do it for, um … well, actually, we don’t know how much silicone gel costs in those quantities, but we do know it keeps things nice and soft and droopy, safe from shocks and atmospheric contaminants.

Could come handy when the mud starts flying in earnest. But then there’s that Donald Trump look when one appears to have a nylon rope tied to his head whenever he’s in the wind.

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