​Hillary Falls Asleep In Myanmar During Obama Speech

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November 22, 2021
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Hillary Clinton nods her head lightly and then falls asleep during President Obama’s speech at the University Of Yangon in Myanmar, also known as Burma.

Hopefully, the president gave her Thanksgiving day off for some well-deserved sleep. When you’re that jet-lagged and overworked there is no amount of 5-hour Energy or Red Bull that will keep your eyelids from closing.

This was the first address by an American president in the country, so hopefully they didn’t notice that our Secretary of State couldn’t stay awake long enough to hear Obama’s speech.

Clinton and Obama were in the sovereign state in Southeast Asia to ask them to push on with their democratic reforms.

The President’s audience included Aung San Suu Kyi, and many other former political prisoners of the previous military junta in Myanmar.

Obama said the people of Myanmar have the opportunity to show the world “the power of a new beginning” and encouraged the democratic reforms to continue.

“Reforms launched from the top of society must meet the aspirations of citizens who form its foundation,” Obama said. “The flickers of progress that we have seen must not be extinguished.”