Condoleezza Rice On Romney Ticket? Christian Leaders Oppose Idea

Mitt Romney allegedly has Condoleezza Rice at the top of his possible VP ticket and that has several leading evangelicals in dismay.

Some have even been in contact with him warning that putting the former Secretary of State on this ticket would be a political disaster. Their main concern is that Rice calls herself at times “mildly pro-choice.”

They are offended that Romney would even consider Rice because she supports abortion rights for women, when he publicly announced that he would have a pro-life running mate.

“Condoleezza Rice is no movement conservative,” wrote Richard Viguerie, an outspoken conservative leader.

“Given her association with some of the worst neo-con inspired policies of the Bush era, putting Condoleezza Rice at the top of the VP short list is an insult to the conservatives, Tea Partiers, and independents that are looking for a break with the old establishment Republican Washington that Rice represents.”

On the other hand, Condoleezza’s foreign policy experience would definitely be a helpful seeing how Romney, a former governor, has no experience with these issues. In addition, the fact that she is a black female, she is likely to bring in votes that Romney would have not gotten without her.

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