Defense Authorization Bill Signed

Defense Bill – Defense authorization bill was signed by President Barack Obama on Saturday.

In the legislation, President Obama stated his concerns about those in Congress, who do not see things the way he does when it comes to countering terrorism.

His reservations include some provisions that manage the interrogation, detention, and prosecution of assumed terrorists. A White House veto was lifted from the defense bill after changes were made that involved detainees.

The bill received approval from the House on December 14, then a 86-13 vote finalized the essential congressional action.

According to Obama, a portion of the defense legislation implements the “executive branch” with ample authority on military custody for detainees who are not citizens.

In addition, the legislators permitted tough sanction’s language when it came to the Iranian Central Bank. It was directed at Iran in order to penalize them for their nuclear program.

According to Sen. Carl Levin, the tough sanctions will put more pressure on Iran by causing them to pay more if they continue in the direction of nuclear weapons.

The legislators also put harsher new restrictions on Pakistan; they want to ensure that they are not helping in the manufacturing and transporting of constructing explosive devices.

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