Elizabeth Warren Celebrity Donors Include The Rich & Famous

Elizabeth Warren celebrity donors are everywhere, from Charlize Theron and Reese Witherspoon to Massachusetts’ pretty boy power couple Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Hollywood is banking heavily on her Democratic Senate campaign.

The Harvard Law professor says she’s running on behalf of the “hammered” middle class but she’s also clearly the darling of the privileged rich and famous.

Damon and his wife, Luciana, gave a total of $10,000 to Warren, while Affleck and his spouse, actress Jennifer Garner, chipped in another $10,000, part of an outpouring of celebrity support during the past three months.

Other $5,000 donors to Warren included actress Susan Sarandon, Newton native John Krasinski of “The Office,” Zach Braff, formerly of “Scrubs,” and mega-movie star Edward Norton, while former “Spider-Man” Tobey Maguire contributed $2,500. Other A-list actors who gave to Warren include Sally Field, Kyra Sedgwick, Kate Capshaw and Heather Anne Thomas, the blond bombshell who starred in the 1980s hit TV show, “The Fall Guy.”

Warren’s campaign has sought to portray her opponent, Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, as a tool of Wall Street, and points out that 80 percent of her donations have been $50 or less. But more than 60 percent of her cash has come from outside Massachusetts, especially California.

Since launching her campaign last year, Warren has raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Hollywood elite, drawing a breathless endorsement from singer/actress Barbra Streisand and gushing tweets from the likes of Cher and Danny DeVito.

The new campaign finance reports show the Tinseltown love fest continuing — and even expanding — over the past few months. The new Warren donors include some of the top studio executives, producers, directors, actors and writers in film and television.

Writer/producer Aaron Sorkin, who created the political dramas “West Wing” and “Newsroom,” gave $1,000 to Warren. Oliver Stone, who has directed such heart-warming Hollywood fare as “Savages,” “Platoon” and “Natural Born Killers,” gave the maximum $5,000, while Richard Donner, the director behind “Superman” and the “Lethal Weapon” series, gave $2,600.

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