Food Stamp Program To Ban Sweets

Food stamp in Florida might put a ban on sweets, such as candy bars, cake, cookies and soda, if a senator gets her way.

Sen. Ronda Storms is hoping that she will be able to push committees in Florida’s capital to ban the purchase of sweets with food stamps.

The 46-year-old member of the Senate wants to stop the small percentage of people who misuse the government assisted food stamps by purchasing sweets such as cake, cookies and soda.

If Storms can put her motives in place, it will require a program to teach those who receive food stamp about healthy eating habits. In addition, she would like the program to educate them about how to make their own products at home, which is less expensive than the store bought.

Critics of this bill, such as Rep Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed, feel that it is not the governments place to tell people how they should eat. She also feels that the bill implies that poor people and minorities are not intelligent enough to make good food choices. A House subcommittee has already passed the bill through.

However, some store owners are having a hard time with the idea that the government will have control of what shoppers purchase. Tony Khaza, a store manager, does not feel that it should be up to the government to decide what sweets people can purchase.

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